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Texas Stone Sealers is the leader in cleaning and sealing outdoor concrete pavers and exposed aggregate in the Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio areas. We understand that concrete pavers are the welcome mat of your home and/or business, and you will always want to keep them looking pristine and welcoming. But it’s a known fact that maintaining pavers is a tough task as you battle against the natural effects of wear and tear by sunlight, rain and human traffic.

After years of working on different hardscape areas like walkways, driveways, pool decks and patios, we have developed the best cleaning and sealing methods for all different types of pavers and substrates that will keep them looking like new for years to come.

We only use the highest grade TSS PRO concrete sealants, made from silicone and commercial grade but suitable for residential use too. Our professional personnel dedicate themselves to providing only the best service. The proof is in the number of happy clients that we have. Whatever project you need for us to work on, we will tackle it in ways that can only be described as AMAZING.

Our confidence in our high quality service is backed by industry leading warranties. We offer 1 year warranty a 3 year warranty with the application of TSSPRO, along with offering other affordable options. For more information about our services and the warranty we offer, please give us a call or send us an email.

Our thorough cleaning and sealing services for outdoor concrete, pavers and brick pavers are provided for both residential and commercial customers. We do NOT offer cookie-cutter cleaning and sealing solutions. We offer custom solutions to fit our clients’ needs.

Why Concrete Pavers Need to Be Sealed

While pavers are incredibly beautiful and can add aesthetic value to a property, they, like other stones, have their risks of deterioration. Perhaps the biggest risk of using unsealed paver stones is that they will stain – even wet leaves, for example, can cause major and irreversible staining.

Additionally, unsealed pavers can also face risk of rapid natural deterioration based on exposure to the elements, as well as exposure to certain property features, like salt from ponds or chlorine for pools. However, while stains and deterioration are an issue, cracking is typically not (using concrete slabs rather than pavers increases the risk of cracking).

Cleaning and sealing ensures that your hardscaping will look great for years to come. It also protects the surface from oil spills, food spills, various liquids, and tree and animal droppings. Sealing your surface makes it much easier to clean and will help prevent staining.

Sealing pavers locks in efflorescence (that white substance that rises out of a paver), which prevents an old, white- washed look, and also prevents the sand underneath from moving to the surface and migrating to your pool or yard. Another benefit of sealing is that it also locks the pavers into place, and helps to prevent new surfaces from quickly fading.

Our Cleaning & Stain Removal Process

While some stains on paver stone can be cleaned using rough brushes and detergent, doing so is a major hassle, and does not guarantee that the stains will be removed, and certainly doesn’t prevent the risk of future stains. Instead of relying on a yearly cleaning, sealing paver stone every three to four years plus, depending upon the quality of the stone, can protect them from the elements and from staining, increasing the length of their life and saving a property owner thousands. A paver sealant is crucial for anyone who wishes to keep their paver stone in an ideal condition. Sealer is meant to protect pavers from rain, wind, sun, and other naturally occurring and non-organic elements.

Sealing paver stones is a quick process, and one that usually only takes one day depending upon weather. While the process is short, sealing paver stones will protect the pavers for years to come. Additionally, sealing paver stone makes for quick and easy spot cleaning.

The enhanced sheen sealant finish for pavers comes with a 3 year written guarantee. If for any reason the sealant on your paver stone needs attention, we’ll come out to your home and re-seal it one time.


More About Texas Stone Sealers

As stated, we offer custom solution to our clients, so when calling or emailing us for a quote or estimate, make sure to be as detailed as possible. Concrete cleaning and sealing is one of the most important services homeowners will require, and we put our money where our mouth is and offer a 3 year guarantee on paver sealing services using one of our signature TSSPRO sealants. Give us a call or send us an email here and get your free quote today!

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We utilize a multistep process in our cleaning and sealing services. We first use a manual process to lightly chip away loose surface concrete. Next, we perform a proprietary combination acid scrub to clarify and consolidate the concrete. We then neutralize the solution and pressure wash the concrete, utilizing a cleaner which helps open the pores for a great seal. Finally, we totally immerse the concrete in the highest quality silicone sealer available. We use much more than the manufacturer recommends and provide a high quality finished product.

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