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Sealing concrete floors will protect them against damage, staining, and mold and mildew from water penetration. A high quality concrete sealant protects and preserves the color of stained or stamped concrete as well. Indoor concrete flooring is durable, but it does require maintenance just like tile or stone flooring.

What is Concrete?

Concrete consists primarily of water, cement and aggregate, which may be rock, sand or gravel. In addition, one or more admixtures may be included to enhance the properties of the concrete for a specific purpose. One of the most common is entrained air, which is added to any concrete exposed to freeze-thaw cycles. Another important group of admixtures are water reducers. These are available in a number of ranges. Those with higher ranges are frequently termed superplasticizers.

Water reducers alter the consistency of the concrete and are useful for producing polished surfaces on countertops and other furnishings.  Retarders and accelerators enable the set time of the concrete to be decreased or increased respectively. For example, a retarder may be added to concrete to prevent it from setting rapidly and becoming too hard to stamp. Admixtures have extended the application of concrete to a variety of uses in the home.

Although it is an extremely durable material, concrete flooring requires regular cleaning and maintenance to retain its integrity and appearance.

Why Seal Indoor Concrete Flooring?Stamped concrete floor in home

Polished or stamped concrete floors should be swept and mopped regularly to maintain their appearance. A solution of warm water and mild cleaner such as dishwashing liquid or stone cleaner should be used for mopping. Avoid the use of ammonia, bleach or acidic chemicals. Specific concrete cleaners can be store bought, but you can also hire a professional concrete floor cleaning company like Texas Stone Sealers.

Concrete flooring is porous and will absorb dirt and spills. These substances can become embedded deep in the pores and cause staining. In addition, moisture can seep into the pores of the concrete and foster the growth of mold and mildew. Removing deep seated stains from concrete may require a professional cleaning. Applying concrete sealant will protect your floors from staining and make cleaning easier. Our concrete sealing company offers free estimates and a written five year guarantee on service.

Caring for Concrete Around the House

Countertops – Concrete countertops are custom designed, and each contractor has their own proprietary means of construction. In general, they’re made of cement, lightweight aggregates and a combination of additives and include some form of reinforcement such as structural steel, wire mesh or fiberglass. Concrete countertops should always be sealed. In addition, frequent waxing is recommended to inhibit absorption of moisture and prevent staining.

The surface can be scratched, but it’s typically through the sealant, rather than the concrete. A pH neutral cleanser should be used for concrete countertop cleaning, and abrasive cleansers should be avoided. Concrete can be etched by acidic foods such as lemon juice. The professional concrete countertop sealing company at Texas Stone Sealers can remove stains and etch marks and restore your concrete countertop to its original condition.

Backsplashe – A concrete backsplash can take the form of slabs or tiles in a variety of shapes and sizes. A backsplash is continuously exposed to moisture that can seep into the pores and foster the growth of mold and mildew. They must be resealed periodically and waxed frequently to prevent the absorption of moisture. A neutral cleanser such as dish detergent should be used for cleaning, and abrasive cleansers should be avoided.  Our professional TSS PRO sealants are available in both a matte and glossy finish to protect and beautify your concrete backsplash, and all service comes with a five year written guarantee.

Showers & Tubs – Concrete showers must be sealed to prevent water from being absorbed by the concrete. Nonetheless, repeated exposure to alkaline soaps can degrade the sealant. As a result, the cement requires resealing periodically. Concrete showers and poured concrete tubs should be cleaned with a pH neutral solution and abrasive cleaners should be avoided to prevent wearing away the sealant. Built up soap scum and hard water deposits may require the use of chemicals designed to remove scale. Our experts can clean and seal your concrete shower to rid the surface of hard to remove mineral deposits and protect against water intrusion.

Fireplace Tiles – Concrete stamping has produced decorative tiles that replicate ceramic tile, wood and natural stone. This has led to it becoming a replacement for many of these products for flooring, wall and countertop applications. In addition, concrete is used in place of decorative stone or wood around the fireplace. It should be noted that cement can warp when subjected to abrupt temperature changes. When used around a wood burning fireplace, it may be exposed to smoke, ash and soot.

Concrete fireplace tiles need to be cleaned with  pH neutral solution, and abrasive cleaners should be avoided. Sealing the concrete tiles around your fireplace will prevent staining and make them easier to clean. Our concrete and fireplace sealing pros can come out and clean your concrete tiles before applying a sealant. SPECIAL NOTE: WE DO NOT CLEAN FIREPLACES OR CHIMNEYS, SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE.

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