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TEXAS STONE SEALERS™ provides mastic expansion joint installation and repair to fill almost any gaps found in masonry, concrete, cement, pavers, stone tile, or pool copings. The most common installations are in joints between the coping and decking of a pool. These gaps are necessary to allow for the expanding and contracting of the slab without damage. If the joints are not filled, moisture will make its way below the surface and start to cause shifting, decay and cracks.

Typical Mastic Expansion Joints

Mastic control joints are used to finish:

  • Concrete Driveway Segments
  • Concrete Sidewalk or Walking Path Segments
  • Around Concrete Pool Copings
  • Wooden Decks
  • Concrete Foundation
  • Construction Projects

Filling expansion joints with our premium-grade sealant will also prevent weeds from growing there, causing an unsightly mess. This hurts the curb appeal of your home and makes it easier for water to seep under the slab. Our mastic joint repair and mastic grout installation services are performed by trained professionals, so you know the job will be done properly the first time.

Mastic joints are also known as control joints, driveway joints, and concrete joints. Expansion joints are spaces between concrete, masonry, brickwork and other materials intended to accommodate the expansion and contraction of the isolated slabs. They are common to driveways, walk ways, patios and pool decks. As the material heats under the sun’s rays, it can expand and contract upon cooling. Movement of soil can also lead to shifting of individual slabs. Mastic sealant is a flexible material used to fill the joints between these materials. It adheres to the slabs on both sides of the joint while remaining pliable to accommodate movement. Mastic sealer is capable of bending and flexing while retaining a bond and adheres to most materials.

Mastic sealer contains UV inhibitors and is waterproof to resist weathering and increase its longevity. It is resistant to temperature extremes and can be used in any climate. The sealer is available as a thick paste and retains its smooth appearance when applied. While it is usually not necessary to prime the area before applying the sealant, the area should be clean and dry. When applying sealant to concrete, the concrete should be allowed to shrink as much as possible prior to application.

Benefits of Sealing Mastic Expansion Joints

Sealing the expansion joints of driveways and walkways will prevent water from seeping beneath the slabs and eroding the soil. This will help prevent movement and cracking of the slabs and extend the life of these structures. Filling expansion joints also prevents weeds from growing between the slabs and adds beauty to your home. Installing mastic grout will minimize the amount of debris from the expansion joints that collect on walkways and patios to reduce cleaning efforts. In addition, sealing the joints of the driveway, walkway and pool deck removes a trip hazard and provides a safer environment. A professional  mastic installation will help eliminate pests as well as block radon gas emissions.

Around the pool area, dirt and debris from expansion joints can stain the pool deck and contaminate pool water. Filling the expansion joints with mastic sealant will block the soil and save time and money on pool maintenance. Additionally, sealing the joints between the pool coping and deck will prevent moisture from penetrating the surface to avoid structural damage and cracking.

Reseal & Repair Mastic Expansion Joints

Mastic sealer is a liquid epoxy and will dry out over time. Its life expectancy is approximately five years. Weathering and exposure to chlorine and other chemicals will eventually cause the sealer to deteriorate. It should be inspected periodically for wear and cracking. To reseal the joints, the old sealant must be removed and the joint cleaned before applying new sealant. Resealing your mastic expansion joints will prolong the life of your masonry, concrete or brickwork and protect your investment. If the joints of your driveway, walkway or pool deck are beginning to show wear, Texas Stone Sealers can reapply mastic sealer to restore them to their previous beauty.

Whether you’re exterior structures are new or have been installed for years, we can help protect and beautify your outdoor surfaces. Our mastic sealants are available in multiple colors to complement your masonry, brickwork or colored concrete. Whether you need mastic sealant for a large area or small project, we provide prompt and reliable service. Call Texas Stone Sealers today at 888-275-5354 for a consultation with no obligation.

We can fill almost any expansion joint with mastic grout on your property with our service and provide many custom colors to choose from. Call us today for more information.

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