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Flagstone, also known as sandstone, Arizona flagstone, Santa Fe flagstone, Lueder’s, or Oklahoma sandstone, is one of the most popular material choices for paving and building in Texas and other parts of the United States. Flagstone is a type of sedimentary rock that contains quartz and feldspar. Because of this, flagstone is prone to weathering and erosion overtime, and while beautiful, requires maintenance and care to prevent permanent erosion and staining.

Vulnerabilities of Flagstone

Flagstone is used for a variety of different needs, ranging from gravestones to patios, stone walls to pool decks. Because of its versatility and generally inexpensive cost, flagstone is a very popular type of sandstone. But, like all other types of stone, flagstone is vulnerable to wear and tear caused by the natural elements. The biggest vulnerability of flagstone is its tendency to develop water stains. The damage can be even more severe if the moisture contains minerals, or is alkaline. As such, pool decks, pond walkways, and patios are especially susceptible. When stained, it is often necessary to replace the stained piece of flagstone entirely.

Additionally, flagstone is very vulnerable to a type of erosion known as spalling. Spalling occurs when the flagstone is overexposed to water, and erosion of the bonding molecules occurs. As a result, the flagstone spalls, and begins to break off in sandy and gritty pieces.

The Benefits of Sealing Flagstone

Flagstone that is outdoors and is exposed to wind, rain, saltwater, chlorine, or any other harsh materials and/or natural elements need to be sealed for optimal longevity. Because flagstone is a porous material, a sealer will fill in the pores in the stone and provide it with a gorgeous finish. A matte finish is typically ideal, as this preserves the natural beauty of the stone. However, either finish type – matte or glossy – will provide the flagstone with the protection from moisture and staining that it needs.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Once flagstone has been treated with a sealant, cleaning and maintenance is straightforward and simple. By sweeping flagstone paving regularly, you’ll help keep it free of dirt and debris. If something is spilled on your flagstone, like oil, juice, or another harsh or acidic liquid, you can wipe it up immediately without fear that the flagstone will absorb it. Flagstone cleaning is an essential part of general maintenance to maintain the stone’s health and beauty.

Usually, flagstone will need to be resealed every three to four years plus depending upon the type of finish and the quality of stone; at Texas Stone Sealers, there is a four-year warranty on natural-looking matte finishes, and a three year warranty on the TSS PRO-400 WetLook sealer that dries to a high gloss finish. If the flagstone sealant we apply needs to be reapplied for any reason within the three or four year period, we will come to your home and reseal it one time for you. Flagstone sealing is our specialty!

Protect Your Flagstone Today!

If your flagstone isn’t sealed, you are setting yourself up for expensive repair costs in the future. To protect your flagstone and your wallet, you need to invest in a flagstone sealant today. At Texas Stone Sealers, our professional team will provide you with a no-obligation, no-cost quote today. You can reach our offices now at 888-732-6621.

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