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Cleaning & Sealing Moss Rock Patios, Decks & Waterfalls

Moss rock is commonly used for constructing garden walls, sidewalks and for pavers around pools. Its earth tones make it popular for a variety of outdoor landscaping needs. Moss rock is perforated with many interconnected channels which make it prone to absorbing moisture and other harmful substances that can lead to corrosion. Absorbed moisture can also contribute to thermal expansion and contraction which may lead to cracking. As the structure of the moss rock becomes weakened, it can begin to flake and eventually break. When used in water features with salt water, salt crystals can enter the pores of moss rock. Upon drying the salt expands and the abrasive action further corrodes the stone.

The high porosity of moss rock also makes it vulnerable to staining. Water, chlorine and other chemicals can leave stains on moss rock, and sitting on it for an extended period should be avoided since it readily absorbs oils. In addition, rust stains may appear if metallic objects are left in contact with moss rock for long periods of time. Algae and fungal growth are very common in humid climates and will cause dark stains to form.

The Benefits of Sealing Moss Rock

Moss rock used for exterior features is subjected to a harsh environment. Continuous exposure to rain, wind and heat from the sun can have damaging effects. Sealing moss rock will protect it from environmental stressors and prolong its life. Sealant enters the pores of the moss rock and prevents the absorption of moisture and chemicals which can lead to degradation. It also inhibits the absorption of oils and other substances that can cause staining and makes it easier to clean. TSSPRO sealants are available in a matte finish for a natural appearance and glossy for added shine.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Sealing moss rock makes it much easier to clean, but regular maintenance is required to preserve its appearance and prevent deterioration. Sweeping will keep loose dirt and plant remains from staining the moss rock. Commercial cleaners designed for moss rock can be used to clean heavily soiled areas. Rust can often be removed with rust remover, and a dilute bleach solution is recommended for removing algae stains. Chemicals should be rinsed from the moss rock as soon as possible to prevent damage. In the case of difficult to remove stains, a poultice may be used to permeate beneath the surface layers of the stone. Clean moss rock regularly once it’s sealed. Only seal moss rock once it has been thoroughly cleaned and dried.

To ensure the best protection for moss rock, it should be resealed every three or four years. The frequency may depend on the application and the types of chemical and physical stress it is exposed to. Texas Stone Sealers provides a four year warranty on matte finishes and a three year warranty on their glossy finish. If resealing is required for any reason during the warranty, we will reseal it at no cost.

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Sealing your moss rock will prevent staining and damage caused by weathering and exposure to chemicals. Our sealants will take the stress out of cleaning your moss rock and help save on maintenance costs. Call Texas Stone Sealers today for a consultation with no obligation. Our friendly staff can be reached at 888-275-5354.

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