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Travertine, also known as Austin stone, is a beautiful material for flooring and pool coping decks but it must be protected with sealant. Popular for indoor flooring, landscaping and patios, travertine is usually available in a natural beige color but there are many variations. For homeowners, travertine is a popular stone choice for outdoor needs, but it is occasionally used indoors for fireplaces and accent walls. While the stone is a favorite for many, it does have its vulnerabilities, and cleaning travertine frequently is important. If you have travertine in your yard or are considering using it when landscaping, here’s what you need to know.

What is Travertine?

Travertine is a form of naturally-occurring limestone that’s usually found near mineral springs, particularly hot springs. While the stone is most commonly found in tan and beige, it also occurs naturally in white, cream, and a burnt sienna color. Travertine is most often used a building material, and is a sedimentary and porous rock type.

The Importance of Caring for & Polishing Travertine

If you have travertine in your home or on your property, taking care of it is important to its longevity. Travertine cleaning is tricky because the stone can be harmed by all acidic liquids and materials, ranging from soft drinks and juice to chemical cleaners and chlorine. For those homeowners who have chosen travertine as their patio material surrounding a pool or pond, proper care and maintenance is even more critical. And, travertine is easy to etch and scratch, meaning that heavy patio furniture – when travertine is not finished and maintained – can quickly damage travertine stone.If you already have scratches or damage, we can buff out or hone it to bring back the natural finish before adding sealant to prevent future damage. Travertine polishing, honing, and restoration services are available for those of you with concerns about existing dents and scratches in your stone tiles.

id=”needtravertinerestoration”>How do I Know if I need Travertine Restoration Service?

If your travertine tiles or pavers look stained, have divits, holes, scratches, dents, mold, mildew, water penetration, or any other type of staining or discoloration then you need to restore it first before applying sealant. A commercial grade travertine sealer can only penetrate deep and cure properly if the stone is clean first, so a professional service is recommended. Also by not restoring the existing travertine damage, it can deteriorate quickly until the only option is replacement. That’s expensive, don’t let it get to that stage.

How to Clean Travertine Tile Indoors & Outside

Travertine is a very soft stone, and using certain cleaning methods and chemicals can cause deterioration and premature aging of the stone. Much more delicate than other types of stone, like granite, cleaning travertine requires extra care. To clean travertine flooring tiles, only use a soft sponge or cloth – never use harsh or abrasive cleaners. You can use water or a mild stone cleaner when cleaning. If you have indoor travertine flooring, make sure you also seal the grout. Additionally, make sure you sweep and mop travertine tiles frequently, and also wipe up spills on travertine immediately. If you have stains on your stone, contact our professional travertine cleaning pros so they can eliminate or attempt reduce the appearance of it. We can’t get out all stains, but our team of professionals is your best hope of getting out a hard to remove stain.

Seal Travertine Tiles – Sealant is a Must!

The vulnerabilities of travertine shouldn’t deter you from using it for your outdoor landscaping or indoor flooring needs; travertine is one of the most popular stones in all of Italy, and is beautiful when cared for properly. To ensure that your travertine stays as gorgeous as it should be, getting your travertine stone tiles sealed is essential. Sealing travertine protects it from the elements, spills, harsh chemicals, scratches, salt, chlorine, and more.Everyday wear and tear in high traffic areas can take its toll on travertine floors; a protective stone sealant is essential. We recommend travertine sealing with our TSSPRO line of sealants for best results.

We have two travertine sealing finishes to choose from: a natural finish that appears mostly matte and an enhanced sheen stone sealer with a glossier appearance. The natural finish comes with a 4 year guarantee and the enhanced sheen finish comes with a 3 year written guarantee. If for any reason the sealant on your travertine stone needs attention, we’ll come out to your home and re-seal it one time.

Indoor & Outdoor Travertine Maintenance Services

  • Shower Tiles
  • Travertine Flooring
  • Outdoor Travertine Pavers
  • Wall Tile
  • Pool Coping
  • Courtyards
  • Pool Deck

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