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If you’ve put money into an outdoor space in the form of a patio, pond, outdoor countertop, or walkway, it’s likely that keeping that space in tip-top shape is of utmost important to you. Unfortunately, though, hard surfaces made from stone, concrete, grout, tile, brick, or natural plaster will quickly deteriorate when they’re not properly sealed. If the surfaces are exposed to pool or pond water, chlorine or salt, the deterioration can be even more rapid. To protect your outdoor surface from decay and decline, you need TSSPRO-100 Natural Sealer applied to your outdoor surface today.

What is TSSPRO-100 Natural Sealer?

TSSPRO-100 Natural is one of our most popular sealers within our TSSPRO Sealer line. The sealant is a deep penetrating, high coverage, solvent-based silicone sealant. The sealant is designed to prevent water erosion and water-based stains, as well as retain the natural look of stone. Not only is the sealant extremely long lasting, but it also cures almost immediately; after being applied, the sealant cures and is ready for use is less than an hour. What’s more, immediate rain following the application of the sealant will have no negative effect – the sealant will still be just as efficient as it would be otherwise.

Ideal Surfaces for Using TSSPRO-100 Natural

The TSSPRO-100 Natural Sealer can be used on almost any surface. That being said, the sealer is most ideal for both natural and man-made stones, non-glazed tiles, grout, natural plaster, brick, masonry, and concrete. Use TSS PRO-100 Natural stone sealer to:


How is TSSPRO-100 Natural Sealer applied?

This sealer is easy to apply, and can be done as a do-it-yourself project, or with the help of our professional team at Texas Stone Sealers. The sealer can be applied using a pump sprayer, a brush, or a roller depending upon the surface and on personal preference.

Why You Should Choose TSSPRO-100 Natural Sealer

If you’re the owner of a home or business and have invested in your outdoor living space, it’s important that you also invest in keeping that space as well-kept as possible. For easy maintenance of outdoor stone, patios, walkways, and ponds, as well as prevention from early decline, you need the TSSPRO-100 Natural Sealer. This sealer is one of the best in its class, is long lasting, and is more affordable that other similar sealers offered by competitors. To get a free quote about using TSSPRO-100 Natural on your outdoor surface today, call Texas Stone Sealers now at 888-275-5354.

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