TSSPRO-200 High Performance

tss pro 200 limestone sealer for porous stone

If you have porous stone in your home or yard, you should know that porous stone is one of the most vulnerable stone types. Easily absorbing moisture, chemicals, and other harsh substances, porous stone can deteriorate quickly if not cared for properly. One of the easiest ways to ensure that you get the most out of your stone’s life is to get it sealed soon after being laid, and to perform regular sealant maintenance. Our TSSPRO-200 sealant is perfect for porous stone like limestone, moss rock, and porous flagstone or sandstone.

While sealing is extremely important to the longevity of your stone, knowing which sealant to choose is difficult for a non-expert. For porous stones – especially those that are outdoors – the professionals at Texas Stone Sealers highly recommend the TSSPRO-200 High Performance sealant for porous stone.

What Type of Stone Does TSSPRO-200 Stone Sealant Work Best For?

TSS PRO-200 High Performance is perfect for porous natural stone, especially around swimming pools. Use TSS PRO-200 as a:


The Benefits of TSSPRO-200 High Performance Sealer

The TSSPRO-200 High Performance Sealer is a one-of-a-kind sealer that offers unique and long lasting protection. This heavy duty, solvent-based sealer is specially formulated specifically for porous stones. Totally state-of-the art, it contains high actives, and offers high performance, deep-penetration, and a long lasting sealer guarantee. Not only will TSSPRO-200 High Performance Sealer provide your stone with the protection that it requires from the elements, but it will also add a slightly darker color to the stone, emphasizing the stone’s rich and vibrant color.

Using TSSPRO-200 High Performance Sealer on Porous Stone

As mentioned above, the TSSPRO-200 High Performance Sealer is specially formulated specifically for porous stones. Examples of porous stone that the TSSPRO-200 High Performance Sealer is ideal for include limestone, sandstone, moss rock, and porous flagstone. Depending upon your experience level regarding how to apply sealer to stone, you can apply the TSSPRO-200 High Performance Sealer yourself using a pump up sprayer, brush, or roller, or you can hire the professional team at Texas Stone Sealers to do it for you.

Choose TSSPRO-200 High Performance Sealer to Protect Your Porous Stone Today

The porous nature of natural limestone, moss rock, porous flagstone, and sandstone make it particularly vulnerable to early damage and deterioration. To ensure that your stone gets the most out of its life and is protected from spills, chlorine, salt, moisture, fungus, and bacteria, you need to get it sealed as soon as possible. The TSSPRO-200 High Performance Sealer is a great option for porous stones, is long lasting, and is more affordable that other sealers in its class. For a free estimate regarding how much applying TSSPRO-200 High Performance Sealer to your stone surface will cost, call Texas Stone Sealers today at 888-275-5354.

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