TSSPRO-300 Low Sheen WetLook

tss pro-300 wetlook stone sealer semi-gloss finish

If you have stone inside or outside your home and you want to protect the stone and increase its aesthetic appeal, adding to its value, sealing in with the TSSPRO-300 Low Sheen Wetlook Sealer is a must. This sealer is perfect for a number of different stone types, is long lasting, is affordable, is easy to apply, and provides a glossy wet-look finish that can’t be beaten. The TSSPRO-300 sealant is perfect for non-porous stone like flagstone.

Why TSSPRO-300 Low Sheen Wetlook Sealer is Unique

The TSSPRO-300 Low Sheen Wetlook Sealer is an incredibly unique sealer type offered through the TSSPRO Sealer line. This deep-penetrating sealer is solvent-based, breathable, and leaves the sealed stone with a rich, wet-look finish. The sealer is made from silicone and acrylic polymer, making it highly durable and long lasting.

The TSSPRO-300 Low Sheen Wetlook Sealer is designed specifically for home, business, or property owners who want to choose a sealer that is going to provide ultimate longevity. The sealer gives long-term protection for a variety of surfaces, while also providing added beauty through its glossy wet look.

Surfaces and Areas that TSSPRO-300 Low Sheen Sealer is Ideal for

Use TSS PRO-300 semi gloss wetlook stone sealer on:

The TSSPRO-300 Low Sheen Sealer is ideal for natural or man-made stone, pavers, masonry, brick, slate, tile, grout, concrete areas, and decorate landscaping. Even more so, the TSSPRO-300 Low Sheen Sealer is even more ideal for the surfaces above that are located near or are adjacent to swimming pools, or regular or saltwater ponds, as both ponds and pools expose stone to harsh chemicals and moisture, hastening the deterioration process. Stone patios surrounding pools are particularly susceptible to harsh chemicals in addition to the elements. Pool copings can also take a beating, and we can clean, repair, or replace your pool’s coping and mastic as well while we’re there.

The only stone that TSSPRO-300 Low Sheen Wetlook Sealer is not recommended for Austin limestone but it’s recommended for Lueder’s limestone; the TSSPRO-200 High Performance Sealer is a better choice for Austin limestone.

How is the TSSPRO-300 Low Sheen Wetlook Sealer applied?

The TSS-Pro 300 Low Sheen Wetlook Sealer can be applied using a pump up spray, roller, or brush depending upon the surface to which it is being applied. What’s more, the sealer can be applied in multiple coats for an even glossier finish. And, the sealer cures and is ready for traffic within one hour of being applied, meaning that you won’t have to wait for days to enjoy your stone patio, countertop, pond, or other stone surface.

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*Not for use on Austin Stone or Austin Chalk Stone.

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