TSS PRO-500 Ultimate Enhancer

tss pro 500 color enhancing sealer for limestone and porous stone

TSS PRO-500 Natural Stone Enhancer Sealant for Flagstone, Pavers, Brick

Looking for a high performance stone sealant to enhance the color and bring out the natural beauty of your stone patio, fireplace, deck, or the exterior façade of your home? TSS PRO-500 stone sealer dries to a matte finish, darkening the color of the stone with each subsequent application. After one coat you can expect light, subtle colors and patterns to darken and brighten to a rich finish. If you’re the DIY type you can order our proprietary color enhancing stone sealer online or email us your order, you decide. However, we recommend scheduling a professional stone maintenance service before applying sealant. Our stone experts can come out to clean the area before they apply the sealant for best results.

Why Do I Need to Seal My Stone?

The importance of keeping your indoor and outdoor natural stone protected with professional grade sealant cannot be understated. Chances are you’ve invested a great deal of money in your stone accent feature or countertop. Things like toothpaste, scratches, calcium buildup, mold and mildew stains, and household cleaners can destroy your indoor stone floors, countertops, fireplaces, and feature walls.

If the stone feature is outdoors on a patio, walkway, or pool coping an even greater number of things can damage and stain your stone. Chlorine and saltwater can cause pool coping and surrounding decking to erode, spall, and become infested with calcified formations. Water can penetrate untreated stone, causing mold growth and mildew stains. Left untreated, mold and mildew can continue growing and splitting your stone beyond repair. A professional grade stone sealant prevents mold growth, protects from chemical and saltwater damage, and stops erosion.

TSS PRO-500 Ultimate Enhancer Sealant offers a clear matte finish with silicone solvent based protection to enhance the natural beauty of the stone’s color and pattern while offering maximum protection.

What Type of Stone Can I Use TSS PRO-500 Ultimate Enhancer On?

TSSPRO-500 Ultimate Enhancer is perfect as a flagstone sealant, can be used as a paver sealer and to seal masonry, brick, concrete, and a wide range of other dense materials. It’s the affordable, dependable matte sealant solution you need to protect and enhance stone. TSS PRO-500 deep penetrating stone enhancing sealer is a perfect choice when you want to enhance the color and texture of the natural stone without creating a slippery, shiny finish. It dries quickly to a natural, matte finish.

What Is TSS PRO-500 Ultimate Enhancer?

Simply put, TSSPRO-500 Ultimate Enhancer is the high-performance, solvent-based silicone sealant you’ve been searching for. It’s specifically formulated for color enhancement, offering all of the protection you need while still guaranteeing beautiful results. TSS PRO-500 color enhancing stone sealant is perfect for dense natural stone like flagstone, slate, travertine, pavers, and can even enhance the color of stained concrete floors and man-man stone countertops.

The unique formula used by TSSPRO-500 is designed to darken the surface that you’re working with, effortlessly complimenting all of the rich, vibrant and natural colors you were interested in to begin with while still leaving a beautiful matte finish. It’s an incredibly deeply penetrating, long-lasting sealant that offers a wide range of benefits including:

  • It can prevent calcium efflorescence on stone
  • It’s saltwater proof, making it perfect for use near a salt water pool, and even in areas around chlorine pools like copings and decking.
  • It can be used multiple times until you achieve the desired effect. Repeated applications will continue to darken the surface you’re working with until everything is just the way you like it.

Ideal Application Surfaces for TSSPRO-500 Ultimate Enhancer

Though the TSSPRO-500 Ultimate Enhancer is designed for use on nearly any surface, you’ll find maximum success using it on materials like stone, pavers and brick. This means that if you’ve got a nice paved walkway leading from the curb to the front door of your home, or you’ve got a nice stone area out back where you like to relax and unwind on a warm summer day, TSSPRO-500 Ultimate Enhancer will dutifully serve you every step of the way (no pun intended).

Use TSS PRO-500 Porous Stone Sealer On:

And many other porous services. If you’re not sure if it’s okay to use it on your stone, just contact us and we’d be happy to offer advice and feedback.

How Is TSSPRO-500 Ultimate Enhancer Applied?

TSSPRO-500 Ultimate Enhancer sealant is easy to apply with either a sprayer, roller, or brush. Whether you’re looking for something that you can complete as a do-it-yourself project or you’re going to be enlisting the help of our passionate and professional team at Texas Stone Sealers for professional stone sealant application, everything is delightfully straightforward. You can apply TSSPRO-500 Ultimate Enhancer using either a brush, a roller or a pump sprayer depending on your personal preferences.

Why Should you Choose TSSPRO-500 Ultimate Color Enhancer Stone Sealer?

You should use our Ultimate Enhancer sealant to protect your investment. Simply put, the stone, pavers, bricks and other materials that you installed are an investment in your property. If these materials are going to be outdoors, you need to work extra hard to protect that investment from mother nature, chemicals, and saltwater.

If you’re looking for the best color enhancer sealant for flagstone, travertine, Oklahoma stone, and other natural or man-made surfaces, TSSPRO-500 Ultimate Enhancer should be at the top of your list. Our proprietary color enhancing sealer blend provides long lasting, affordable protection that you can depend on for years to come.

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