TSS PRO 700CS seals and prevents black algae growth on outdoor surfaces by blocking out water and inhibiting moisture impregnation. Ideal as an outdoor limestone sealer, TSSPRO 700 also protects against black mold and mildew on other hard surfaces such as concrete driveways, retaining walls, and brick on the exterior of homes. This stone and concrete sealant keeps surfaces looking clean and new for years!

Sealant Highlights

* Prevents Discoloration from Mold & Algae Growth
* Creates a Waterproof Barrier
* Seals out Saltwater (Saltwater Proof)
* Ideal for Sealing Area Around Pool
* Ideal for Natural Stone & Limestone
* Cured Sealant is Safe for Pets & People

What is TSS PRO 700CS?

Our 700CS sealant is a solvent-borne silane, considered a VOC. Sealants made from solvent-borne silanes offer the best protecting against water, sealing out moisture with an impenetrable barrier of sealant. The silicon polymer prevents water impregnation in hard surfaces that can cause black algae. Initially the formula was intended specifically for sealing limestone, because limestone is tricky type of stone to seal because of it is so porous, needs a lot of oxygen, and other complicating matters.

After feedback from adventurous customers and our own testing we’re recommending it for many other surfaces as well.

What Can I Seal With the 700CS CLEARSURFACE Sealant?

TSS PRO 700CS has proven a very dynamic sealant, suitable for a variety of natural stone and man made applications. This sealant is also suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. You can use 700CS to prevent water penetration and algae growth on the following:

  • *Flagstone: Arizona, Oklahoma, Santa Fe (Both Porous & Dense Types)
  • *Limestone: Lueder’s, Oklahoma, Dolomite, Indiana
  • *Sandstone
  • *Travertine
  • *Bluestone: Pennsylvania, Basalt
  • *Slate
  • *Coral
  • *Soapstone
  • *Drywall
  • *Brick & Masonry (Unglazed Only)
  • *Concrete
  • *Grout
  • *Wood
  • *Vinyl
  • *Quartzite
  • *Moss Rock
  • *River Rock
  • *Stucco & Plaster
  • *Saltillo Tile & Roof Shingles

Use TSS PRO 700CS to seal pool copings, the area surrounding a pool. This formula seals out water completely and is saltwater proof and chlorine proof: ideal for sealing pool decks and around hot tubs.

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