TSS PRO Sealer Overview

Whether you’re the owner of a stone patio, a stone countertop, or other hard surface that is vulnerable to staining, damage and erosion, sealing that surface is essential for its protection. But, not all sealants are equal in quality – while some sealants may provide protection for a few months, Texas Stone Sealer’s Pro Sealer line offers protection for years to come. In fact, our Pro Sealer line offers the best performing sealers on the market today.

What surface materials can TSSPRO Sealers be used on?

TSSPRO sealants can be used on just about any stone product you have inside or outside your home, including flagstone, limestone, travertine, slate, and paver stone. The sealers can also be used on both natural and man-made stone, tiles, grout plaster, brick, and even concrete. If your stone or other surface is exposed to moisture or natural elements by nature of its location, getting it sealed sooner rather than later is of critical importance. Exposure to moisture, sunshine, or harsh chemicals can lead to quick deterioration of stone, a disaster that can be expensive to correct.

What makes TSSPRO Sealers different from other sealants?

There’s a reason that our products are the best on the market: our TSSPRO Sealer is made from the highest silicone content of any commercial-grade impregnating sealant available, and contains non-toxic isopropyl-based accelerant that super charges sealants, pushing it deeper into the stone and allowing for a rapid cure time. This cure time is much quicker than sealants offered by competitors. Texas Stone Sealers offers four exceptional types of TSSPRO Sealers for all your sealant needs. They are:

In addition to the benefits of using a TSSPRO Sealer named above, TSSPRO Sealers are also made with anti-fungals and microbials that are essential in repelling mold, mildew, and other fungi and bacteria. Depending upon your needs, type of stone, concrete, or paver, we have the right type of stone sealer for the job. And, our our line of professional stone sealants are more affordable and cost-effective than the competitors’, and are guaranteed to last longer.

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