TSS SG-100 Slip Resistance Grit Additive

TSS PRO SG-100 Slip Resistant Additive for Non-Slip High Gloss Sealer

Preserving the intended look of your stone, pavers, masonry or other decorative landscaping areas by applying high quality sealant is an important step towards protecting your investment – but it is exactly that. A first step. You also need to consider potential safety hazards like slip hazards after applying a stone sealant because in many cases the stone is slippery after a sealant is applied. Slipping on stone with glossy sealer or even matte sealer presents a real danger and increases your liability as a homeowner, landlord, property manager, business owner, or school. Sealed stone is even more dangerous around a swimming pool or other moisture-filled area if grit additive is not added to the sealant to eliminate slip hazards and make the floor non-skid. For those situations and more, TSSPRO SG-100 Slip Resistant Gripping Additive is a product designed to step up and answer the call in more ways than one.

What is TSSPRO SG-100 Slip Resistant Gripping Additive?

TSSPRO SG-100 Slip Resistant Gripping Additive is a proprietary blend of sand and grit for use with TSSPRO-400 High Gloss WetLook. It is a specially designed, state-of-the-art micronized polypropylene additive that provides superior abrasion and slip resistance for surfaces that have been treated with TSSPRO-400 WetLook stone sealer.

The non-slip stone sealer additive offers superior protection to the surface that you’ve already made a great effort to care for through your choice of another TSSPRO product.

What are the Benefits of Using Non-Slip SG-100 additive to Glossy Stone Sealant?

The benefits of adding our grip additive to TSSPRO-400 High Gloss WetLook or other glossy sealant products is that you can still enjoy the shiny sealed stone finish while also providing a safe environment free of slip hazards for you and your guests.

What Can You Seal With TSSPRO-100WB?

In general SG-100 slip resistant sealant additive makes sealing stone in wet areas safer.

What Surfaces Can TSSPRO SG-100 Slip Resistant Gripping Additive be Used On?

The superior abrasion and slip resistant properties of the TSSPRO SG-100 Slip Resistant Gripping Additive make it perfect for sealing around swimming pools including saltwater and chlorine, hot tubs, around fountains, on stone patios in humid climates or where it rains frequently, on marble, slate, or stone flooring in the bathroom or kitchen, and other areas where a large amount of moisture will be present.

Use TSSPRO SG-100 Slip Resistant Grit Additive On:

In essence, you’re not just protecting the stone when you add SG-100 non-slip grip additive – you’re protecting the health and safety of the people who will be spending a lot of time around that surface on a regular basis. You won’t have to worry about people slipping and falling as they rush to hop in the pool, come to the table for dinner, walk in the bathroom after a steamy shower, cook in the kitchen, or during your next backyard barbeque.

What Type of Stone Can SG-100 Be Used On?

The only stone we don’t recommend using the sealant or gripping agent on is limestone. Types of stone that you CAN use the slip-resistant sand additive include:

How To Mix & Apply TSSPRO SG-100 Slip Resistant Additive

Adding a slip resistant finish to stone or concrete with TSSPRO SG-100 is a straightforward process. SG-100 Slip Resistant Gripping Additive is commonly mixed with the TSSPRO-400 High Gloss WetLook immediately prior to application, meaning that you can complete both processes at the exact same time. After the two ingredients have been combined to form a high sheen stone sealant with texture for slip resistance you can apply it using the tool of your choice: including a roller, brush, or sprayer. A single coat is provides adequate protection in most cases, and the non-slip sealant typically cures in as little as one hour. Although it is possible to DIY, we recommend hiring a professional stone sealing company to come out and clean the surface adequately before the sealant is applied. Our team of stone care experts can gently clean the surface, then apply the slip-resistant sealant with a five year guarantee included.

Why YOU Should Choose TSSPRO SG-100 Slip Resistant Gripping Additive

Protecting the beauty and health of your stone patio, floor, pool coping, brick or garage is important, but it shouldn’t mean sacrificing the safety of your family or guests. With superior abrasion and slip resistance, TSSPRO SG-100 Slip Resistant Gripping Additive is a smart choice when using TSSPRO-400 High Gloss WetLook or another sealant on flooring or hard surfaces that could become slippery. You get the look you’re after AND peace-of-mind knowing your stone looks beautiful, is protected, and safe to walk on.

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