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features & benefits

before and after pool sealing pictures
  • High performance protection against saltwater damage
  • For natural stone surfaces around saltwater pool
  • Protection against water-based stains
  • Preserves natural look and texture
  • Water-based formula
  • Long lasting: 3-5 years between applications


reviews from clients

My flagstone pool deck and coping look rejuvenated and esthetically pleasing. The job was done in a pleasant and timely fashion and I would highly recommend Texas Stone Sealers to anyone who is looking for a reliable, honest and trust-worthy outdoor flagstone sealing company. These guys know flagstone and salt water pools.

Martha – Houston – April 30th, 2007

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If you are looking to protect flagstone or another natural stone from sanding, spalling, and erosion problems you should call us so our professional Texas stone cleaning and restoration team can get started helping you right away. Outdoor decks, patios, walkways, and pool areas are vulnerable to UV rays, rain, saltwater, chlorine, and the elements. Contact Texas Stone Sealers™ today to get a free estimate for stone cleaning, sealing, or restoration services. We clean and seal almost all materials including flagstone, tile and most natural stone and we offer concrete sealing and marble and granite counter top sealing so you can count on us for whatever work needs doing. We have four convenient locations in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio to better serve you.

Our team of professional stone cleaners and sealers are available to service homes, commercial properties, communities, and are a vendor for many property management companies and homeowners’ associations.


TEXAS STONE SEALERS™ is a leader in Concrete, flagstone and natural stone restoration, specializing in sealing natural stone decks, concrete patios and swimming pool copings. It’s a known fact that if sandstone (flagstone), natural stone or even concrete is not sealed and maintained it can rapidly deteriorate. Sealing concrete and stone pool patios is especially important in Texas as being exposed to the sun and chlorinated or salt water daily doesn’t help the situation.

After years of development and testing we believe our PROCESS is the most effective on the market to protect flagstone, and all natural stone, from erosion and spalling caused by exposure to chlorinated or saltwater. Call or come by our stores in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas or Houston for stone and concrete sealing advice from Texas’ go-to sealers.

Texas Stone Cleaners: Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio

Before you have any stone, wood, pavers or brick sealed, we highly recommend that you have it professionally cleaned. Just as you would clean the walls before you paint them, it is extremely important that there is no mold, mildew, erosion, moisture, efflorescence, or other substances lurking before a sealant is applied. Texas Stone’s power washing services are designed to enhance the look of your concrete, stone, brick, or other hard surface. That is why our stone cleaners work hard to remove all dirt, debris, moisture, and mold before applying sealant. We also remove calcification and other stone growths and abrasions to ensure even and sturdy application of sealant. Our stone cleaning services include Removing Stains; Applying Consolidator Treatment to Damaged Stone; Eliminate Discoloration Calcium Buildup Removal; Clearing Debris, Mold & Mildew; Gentle Soda Blasting; and Pressure Washing. Stone sealing is best left to a professional, but if you’re a type A personality DIY fanatic then reference our site for plentiful tips and tricks. Be sure to check out our line of TSSPRO sealants, and don’t hesitate to call us or email us questions before you order sealant online.

How and Where Do We Seal Stone?

You will have your choice between TSSPRO™ or RockSteel™ sealers for your project. These are the BEST performing stone sealers & stone cleaners on the market with the highest silicone content. We have personally sealed thousands of granite and marble counter tops, swimming pool copings and natural stone decks over the years with outstanding success and very happy clients (Houston, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth & San Antonio). We believe in these products so much that we now offer extended warranties up to 5 years following the application of the product by Texas Stone Sealers™. Warranty details are printed on invoice. For more information on the specific warranty periods offered for each sealer, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

What are the Benefits of Sealing Stone?

Although stone materials are typically hard and very sturdy, when they are removed from the safe place they were made deep beneath the earth’s surface they become vulnerable to environmental conditions, foot traffic, water damage, salt water damage & chlorine damage depending on where they are installed. Sealing stone, pavers and concrete allows the stone to breathe while protecting it from damage prolongs the life of your stone and keeps it looking clean and new for longer. Our locations in Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio can do sealing on stone of all kinds. From stone tile to granite, marble, concrete and natural stone, Texas Stone Sealing can insure your stone surfaces stay beautiful and durable for a long time.

What is the Best Type of Stone Sealant?

After over 20 years of experience in the stone cleaning & sealing business, we developed our own proprietary blend of TSSPRO sealant in 2015. Now you can buy our high quality TSSPRO sealant at a lower price than many of the big name “professional sealants”. Every product comes with a guarantee, and you can order it online for DIY projects, buy it from one of our stone sealing stores in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio or Austin, or have us professionally apply it. If you don’t know which blend to use, give us a call or shoot us an email with details about your project and we tell you which TSSPRO sealant is best for your particular needs.

Call Today to Contact Our Team of Professional Stone Cleaners and Sealers!

If you are looking to end your flagstone or natural stone sanding, spalling, and erosion problems with your decks, patios, walkways, and pool areas, contact Texas Stone Sealers™ today. We havevideo about texas stone sealers company five convenient locations serving clients across Texas including Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio to better serve you. Our team of experienced Texas stone cleaners and sealers is available at (713) 429-0469.

Latest News
Sealing Flagstone to Protect Your Deck, Patio, and Pool Investments

[Posted on January 7, 2014 by Texas Stone Sealers]

A flagstone patio, deck, walkway, or pool coping adds to the look of any style of architecture and is a popular addition to homes throughout Texas. However, despite its tough-looking exterior, natural flagstone is extremely susceptible to degrading over time. Like most other types of natural stone, flagstone requires cleaning and sealing to prevent erosion and spalling.

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