Four Popular Patio Materials & How to Care for Them

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When it comes to the materials you select for your patio build, not all rocks and concrete are the same. In fact, the exact materials you select dramatically alter the look and feel of your final patio surface. The stone and concrete vary in material composition, which influences the finished texture and color of the upper surface. Four of the most popular patio material options for your home include river rock, cast concrete, quartz flagstone and oversize bluestone.

River Rock

You can construct your patio space from river rock in the form of small, round pebbles or large, irregular slabs. The rocks feature an interesting mix of minerals that create rich colors ranging from deep pinks to light blues. You may select stones from the warm or cool spectrum or simply display a rainbow of tones across your patio space. Due to the way the river flow sands the surface of the rock, your patio will remain smooth to the touch without becoming slippery in light or heavy rains.

Cast Concrete

Cast concrete comes in a number of interesting shapes, sizes and textures. The wet cast process creates incredibly durable, yet beautiful blocks of concrete for your patio space. You can choose between premade mold designs or have custom ones created for your build. You can also alter the color and pattern across the surface of the cast concrete using decorative stencils. In addition to stencils, popular finishes for cast concrete patios include tinted aggregate, acid etched, polished and sandblasted textures.

Quartz Flagstone

Common flagstone is a popular choice for patio builds due to its attractive appearance, lasting strength and relatively low cost. You can take your flagstone build to the next level, however, by seeking out quartz infused stones. Flagstones with high rates of quartz actually shine and glisten in the light. The crystalline material further increases the strength and durability of the stones as well. You must have the flagstone polished and sealed to really bring out the gorgeous crystal structures against the solid rocky materials.

Oversize Bluestone

The vivid coloring of bluestone makes it an amazing choice for patios that act as the centerpiece of the backyard. The bluestone is an environmentally friendly material that naturally forms in slate rich regions. For a natural look, choose stones that have been snapped along organic cleavage sections. With some work, the natural edges can give your patio design an essence of natural flow from the center outward. You will need to have the bluestone sealed to keep its porous material from absorbing too much moisture in the rainy or snowy seasons.

Scheduling Your Patio Build

Once you determine the best patio materials for your new build, contact Texas Stone Sealers to seal it. Our professional stone sealers are here to help you make the best decision to protect your stone patio for generations.



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