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Flagstone and Natural Stone Color Enhancing

We Use Professional Grade TSSPRO Sealant to Enrich Color and Protect Your Stone

The TSSPRO stone enhancer formula deepens stone’s natural beauty and protects against stains. The enhancing process used by TEXAS STONE SEALERS revitalizes your flagstone or natural stone and ensures it stays that way for years to come. Take a look at these before and after pictures of stone that has been sealed to enhance its natural color and protect it!

Before & After Enhancing Stone Gallery: Cleaning & Sealing Makes a Huge Difference!!

Natural stone such as marble, granite, travertine and slate are quite durable, but without proper care, soils eventually build up and degrade the surface. When used on walkways, patios or cabanas they are susceptible to damage from UV rays from the sun, acid rain, chloride ions and salts. Many stones are also easily stained by coffee, sodas, oils and other substances.

Cleaning and restoration can remove built up soils as well as stains to return your stone surfaces to their original beauty. Natural stone is exceptionally porous and can absorb dirt and spills if not protected. Sealant will fill in the pores to help resist staining and enhance the appearance of the stone’s surface.

Stone Restoration Process

The first step in the stone restoration process is to thoroughly Flagstone patio with color enhancing sealantclean the stone to remove dirt, stains, bacteria and waxes. The surface is scrubbed with a cleanser formulated for the type of stone. Most professional services use a hot water extraction system to achieve maximum soil removal.

Stones with polyurethane and wax coatings will need to be stripped. These coatings block the stones’ ability to breathe and can lead to cracking. If the stone is deeply scratched or etched, the surface may be refinished through diamond grinding. This process uses mechanical abrasives to remove a small amount of the stone to just below the scratches. For minor scratches, the stone is resurfaced with diamond abrasives to produce an even sheen on the surface. This process is called honing. Polishing is used to give the surface a high gloss shine and can eliminate fine scratches.

Color Enhancing Sealers

Natural stone should be sealed to prevent it from absorbing soils, oil and other substances that can lead to staining. There are several types of sealers available designed to improve the appearance and enhance the color and pattern of natural stone. If you prefer the natural look of your stone, clear sealer will guard against oil and water intrusion while leaving the appearance of the stone and grout unchanged. Enhancing sealers provide advanced protection against oil and water stains and help prevent fading caused by UV rays. They also augment the colors within the natural stone.

For natural stones in an outdoor environment, glossy sealers provide the ultimate protection against soils, moisture and UV rays. This sealer imparts a shiny appearance to the surface of the stone. In many situations they will brighten the colors of the stone and highlight the contrasting patterns of the stone.

Recommended Sealants to Enhance Natural Stone Color

These high gloss color enhancing sealants are available online through our website here if you prefer the DIY method. If not, our professionals can apply the sealant for you and help you decide which sealant will work best for your stone or hard surface.

General Stone Maintenance

Stone surfaces should only be cleaned with a neutral pH cleaner. Use only a moderate amount of cleaner to prevent streaking. Never use cleansers with acid, ammonia, vinegar or lemon juice to avoid etching the surface. Abrasive cleaners should be avoided as well. A soft cloth or mop should be used for cleaning. A string mop is preferred to a sponge mop to avoid pushing dirt into the grout lines. Rinse the surface thoroughly and dry after cleaning. Stone surfaces should be dust mopped frequently, and spills should be cleaned up immediately. Have the stones resealed every couple of years to protect against soiling and preserve their appearance.

We only use top of the line stone sealers with the highest silicone content on your natural stone. You can view these sealers and their respective warranties below. We know how to enhance stone by sealing it carefully with just the right amount of sheen and all the protection your stone needs for years to come. If you are looking to end your flagstone sanding, spalling and erosion problems with your saltwater pool contact Texas Stone Sealers today. We have four convenient locations to better serve you. Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio.

Natural stone is one of your home’s most exquisite features. A trained professional can restore and enhance your stone surfaces to bring back their brilliance. Call (888) 726-4655 for a consultation, today.


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