What Stone Restoration Can Do for Your Stone Floors

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Slate Restoration Houston TXStone restoration may become necessary when you use stone for flooring in your home. While natural stone flooring can create a beautiful look for your home, it is important to know how to care for it. Natural stone requires different care than other types of flooring that are commonly used in homes. Even if it is cared for correctly, though, it can become worn and damaged over time, requiring the help of a professional restoration company.

Scratches and Scuffs

When you use stone flooring in high traffic areas of your home, it can be susceptible to scratches and scuffs, especially when you use softer stones. This type of damage can be removed with the help of stone restoration, though. When you contact a company that specializes in restoring natural stone flooring, they will carefully remove any severely damaged areas and use the right products to remove any minor scuffing. In addition, they may treat the entire floor to further protect it against more damage in the future. If you need slate restoration, it is even more important to use caution because slate is incredibly delicate due to its layers.


Discoloring is another common problem with natural stone. Many types of stone that are used for flooring are porous in nature. When individuals bring in muddy or other moisture on their shoes or a liquid is spilled on the floor, it is important to clean it up as soon as possible. However, if the liquid has created a stain, you will need the help of professionals. This isn’t the only coloring issue you may have to handle either. Over time, your stone may become faded due to aging and exposure to the sun. A good stone restoration company can help with this issue as well.

Chipping and Cracking

Another major issue individuals may encounter in their stone flooring is chipping and cracking. Perhaps someone dropped something heavy on your stone tiles or one simply cracked along a natural fault line in the rock. In these situations, your floor will not look as smooth and fluid as it was intended. Calling in the professionals will ensure your stone flooring gets back to looking its best without the threat of falling because of uneven flooring tiles.

Taking care of stone flooring is much different than many other types of synthetic flooring that are commonly used in homes. The flooring will require special cleaning techniques to protect it as much as possible and avoid damage. Even if you do clean and care for your stone floors the right way, you may still need stone restoration services as your stone ages. Choosing the right professionals will keep your stone floors looking great for much longer.


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