Stone Sealing San Antonio

Stone Sealing San Antonio


Are you worried about finding the best Stone Sealing San Antonio services in your area, but you don’t know where to go? If you have stones and tiles that just don’t look like they used to, call the professionals at Texas Stone Sealers. We have years of experience restoring residential and commercial driveways, patios, walkways, and more. Contact us if you think you might need a team of experts to come in and improve the look of your outdoor tapestry.


Flagstone is one of the many types of stone we can help you clean. This is extremely popular in San Antonio, and many of our customers love its general inexpensiveness. However, it will require general upkeep and maintenance to retain is luxurious look. Failure to do so can result in early deterioration and other problems that will severely hurt its aesthetic appeal.

Sealing and Cleaning Services in San Antonio TX
Stone Sealing and Cleaning Services in San Antonio

Limestone is another type of stone our professionals know how to restore. This is popular for pool decks, but you’ll want to watch out for water and chlorine stains. Keeping this properly maintained is important, as you don’t want a pool deck deteriorating. Make sure you keep this protected by cleaning it regularly and calling in professionals when you notice major stains.


Do you have concrete pavers that are showing signs of wear and tear? Even though this is a very durable material that can withstand lots of foot traffic, you’ll still have to watch out for maintenance. If your residential driveways or commercial walkways are looking very out of sorts and you need help, don’t hesitate to call us. Our cleaners have worked on these before and we can work hard to develop a solution for yours.


San Antonio stone sealing services


As you can see, there are many different types of stones that our customers use, and it’s important for our Stone Sealing San Antonio experts to be used to all of them. We have a versatile team of cleaners and sealers who can efficiently and effectively clean your surface. Once it is dry, we’ll use one of our quality sealant products to make sure you are protected from grime buildup for years. Our solutions work for a wide array of stones, and you’ll notice an enhancement in your stone’s appearance after applying it.


The TSS PRO-200 High Performance is an incredible solution that many of our customers go to for their sealant problems. This is a completely natural and alcohol-based product that can remove your dirt and prevent more from building up. It contains large molecules that help it cure and dry properly. If you’re looking for a reliable solution for your porous stones, this is a great option.


Have you been dealing with mold and mildew problems? If this happens and you need a sealant that can help prevent this, the TSS PRO-700 is your best option. This is one of our most popular sealants, and it helps enhancement your stone when dealing with molding. After completely washing away the stains and letting it dry, we’ll apply this to your stone. This will give it a natural enhancement and shine while also protecting it from future mildews and molds.


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The TSS PRO-400 High Gloss WetLook is another customer favorite in our inventory. If you have a concrete paver that you’re trying to improve, this is a great choice for you. Not only will it protect it and lock it in place, but it will also add an authentic glaze to it. If you have driveways or walkways that are lacking aesthetic appeal, this sealant can do wonders for it. Keep this in mind the next time you’re looking for ways to upgrade your residential and commercial tapestry.

San Antonio Stone Restoration and Cleaning Services
San Antonio Sealants For Stone Sealing and Cleaning

There are a wide variety of sealants in our store for our customers to choose from, and we pride ourselves on offering plenty of products. However, you’re going to want to make sure you hire professionals to manage this process. Failure to evenly apply sealant or clean the surface before its application can cause major harm during the process. The last thing you want to do is seal in pre-existing dirt after spending a lot of time cleaning the surface. With our experienced cleaners on your side, you won’t have to worry about this error taking place.


Stone Sealing San Antonio services are taken extremely seriously by Texas Stone Sealers. We understand how important it is to have the right products in hand as well as the qualified cleaners. If you’re trying to figure out what’s going on with your stones and you’re looking for the best professionals in town, give us a call. Our representatives can provide you with a free quote and give you more information on how we can develop a plan or you. No two surfaces are the same, and we understand that custom solutions are important. We’ll make sure you have a solution that meets and exceeds your needs and expectations.


San Antonio, Texas Information


  • The city of San Antonio, Texas, is the seventh largest city in the United States of America. It is only second behind Houston in terms of population; our town holds nearly one and half million citizens.
  • The Tower of Americas is a building that is nearly one thousand feet tall. Opened in 1968, this monument is currently found in HemisFair Park. As the tallest building in San Antonio, it is also one of the biggest buildings in all of Texas.
  • Fiesta San Antonio is a festival that many people in our city attend on a yearly basis. Ever since 1891, people have joined together annually to celebrate the Alamo and honor the fallen soldiers. There are over a hundred events that are brought together in unison for over a week of festivities.
  • While we don’t have very many sports teams, we couldn’t be prouder of our San Antonio Spurs. Our NBA team has been the class of the league for two decades now. With stars such as Tim Duncan, David Robinson, and Kawhi Leonard suiting up for our city, we have a great reputation for consistency.
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